Socio-economic projects

Social responsibility in the supply chain

In short

When we strive for a sustainable supply chain, we also include our social accountability. Morubel, Shore’s largest production unit and HQ, has been a member of Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) since 2010. We strive for decent working conditions throughout our supply chain.  Tropical shrimp, our core business, mostly originates from risk countries, no matter if it is wild caught or farmed. Hence our commitment to the BSCI standard and our membership in the Food and Primary Production working group of BSCI.

Project description

By decent working conditions, we mean: compliant with the BSCI code of conduct.

Health and safety are a top priority.

Partners in this project are:



Alcom Exim

Rainbow Export Processing 


We engage all our bigger suppliers (> 100T/year commitment) from risk countries in the BSCI standard.

It is our goal to lead them to audit results A, B or C.

Morubel motivates and supports the suppliers to attend BSCI courses and use the BSCI platform in a proper way, but also gives them an incentive to step into the auditing process and rewards them when they achieve a good result.

We highly value safe and healthy working conditions in our own companies, but also further into our supply chain.